20 World Changing Economic Policies & Concepts

In this initial series of blog posts we will explore some economic policies and concepts that have the potential to truly transform the world we live in.  

For each policy, we will understand its basis and attempt to explore its impact. The latter is quite challenging as there are a lot of moving parts; so understanding the full impact of a policy can be difficult. Take for example removing interest from the economy. If that happens, how does one control inflation? What happens to cost of goods and services? How does one extend credit? The list can go on and on.

For concepts, look at the building blocks of society & economy that we believe to be true - even though we haven't deeply scrutinized things. Should it be measured by an increase in production? Or should it focus on how well the gains are being distributed in society? If the stock market goes up, should we be happy? We'll also explore more basic concepts that have a broader impact than just economics. For example, if we consider society to be a collaborative instead of individualistic, it will change how we look at the economic activity. The goal of these posts is to help us "check the concepts" we hold actually make sense.

If you notice a gap in what I post or require clarifications, please email me malik [at] freshomics.org. 

Look forward to the conversation!

Courtesy of Trey Ratcliff

Courtesy of Trey Ratcliff