Let them Eat Debt: Is this America’s ‘Marie Antoinette Moment’?

This week Wilbur Ross express shock and dismay at the idea that Federal Employees eating at Foodbanks.

His response? To share his vast $700 million fortune with them? No.

Let them eat debt.

In an interview, he suggested that people borrow money so they could feed themselves and their families.

A more appropriate response would be to hang his head in shame at the idea that Americans are so poor that they have to resort to such a measure.  However, for those of us that follow the level of poverty in America are not surprised. According the US Federal reserve, 40% don’t have $400 to spend on emergencies – such as being furloughed by their employer. That means, at least 320,000 Americans have been put in harm’s way not by some foreign Mexican-Muslim-what-have-you, but their own government.

What does this have to Marie Antoinette?

In the prelude to the French Revolution, the French aristocracy lived in a bubble. They were clueless and had no idea that the poor were starving. It is wildly held that when Antoinette heard they had no bread, she wondered why they couldn’t just eat cake instead. Although there is a dispute as to who exactly said this, it is reflective of an oblivious elite class that was heading towards destruction.

It is so apt the Wilbur Ross who has a net worth of $700 million dollars would tell the poor of our time to eat debt. At least the French Aristocrats wanted to get actual to food to the poor. Ross, instead, wants to saddle these Americans with more debt, when the pits of their stomachs growl with hunger. Of course, he and his fellow aristocrats then can even exploit the workers – through interest charges they collect on this debt.

It is worth reminding ourselves that the Khaleefah Umar bin al-Khattab changed colour due to not eating enough when there was a famine in Madinah. He couldn’t bear to eat until the suffering of those that lived under his rule were fed.

Is it any wonder Muslims would rather live under the Caliphate/Khilafah, then this corrupt system?